Earth Fare Shopping Trip

Yesterday I received a $5 off $20 purchase to Earth Fare. I checked my coupon binder and the monthly ad to see what I could deals I could find. I sometimes have a hard time spending $20 there because I feel like it is too expensive. haha

Anyways, I made a small list of things we needed in the house and thankfully I had some coupons for some coupons to go along with them. Nathan and I headed out to see how we could do. Sorry no picture for this trip. (My friend Kristy also gave me an extra $5 off $20 purchase just in case! Thankfully this came in handy!) 

Nathan and I split everything into two different transactions. 

Transaction #1:

- 2 Boulder Chips - $2.00 (used 2 - $1 off q)
- 2 Strawberries - $5.98
- Blueberries - $2.50 
- 5 oranges - $1.00
- 1 Gal Organic Whole Milk - $4.88
- 2 pks Organic Chicken - $5.30 (used 2 -$1 off q
- bananas - $1.11

Total OOP: $19.82 (this was after the $5 q was used)

Transaction #2: 

- 1.65 lbs BNLS Ribeye Steak - $24.73 minus $5 q 

Total OOP: $21.65

The second transaction was Nathan's pick. I told him to look at the meat and/or seafood options and get what he wanted. I was hoping for an assortment of the pre-made hamburgers (2/$6) but I do love steak! 

For his birthday, he wanted me to take him to Hennen's for dinner. Just now he told me that his purchase today was instead of that because this was cheaper. I do love that he is helping me save money but I think I will still take him out. We shall see. He is too sweet. 

How did you do today? Any deals? 

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