Hello From Atlantic Beach, North Carolina!

Good Morning from Atlantic Beach! The above picture is of the beach right outside the beach house we are staying at. We are only here for today and then we will head home.

Today is a very special day because it is Lydia Tinney's 3rd Birthday! I am very happy that we are all here to celebrate this day with her. (And to drop Sarah off for the Tinney Vacation!)

This morning has already been filled with lots of laughter and fun. (of course as I write this Lydia got hurt and is crying...) Okay back to normal! 

Anyways, this morning I headed out to the beach with Hailey. She loves to walk in the sand! Here are some more pictures! 

Bo and Mr. John talking outside.

Some of the Other beach houses! 

Sylar getting some shut eye...he slept in the hammock last night!
View from the dining room table! Love it!

I have taken more pictures of Hailey and Nathan spending time out on the beach. They were just looking out and listening to the ocean. It is so amazing and peaceful. I told Hailey that God created the sand she was standing on and the water she was looking at. I don't really think she understood me but I want to teach her early about who made this beautiful world we live in. (Well a good portion is beautiful.) 

Life is good. I can't wait to see what we get to do today. I wish I could stay here with Sarah and enjoy the sunshine! 

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