Super Savings Sunday

Today was so nice and relaxing. Nathan and I got to sleep in...Hailey didn't wake up until around 10 am! It was awesome. I even took a 20 minute nap around 12:30 pm! After that we all got cleaned up and ready to go out to do a little shopping. 

Our main goal was finding Nathan some board shorts but no such luck. Well we did find 2 pairs but one was on sale so it was excluded from the Buy One Get One Free Sale at PacSun. I was really confused because the first pair was full price and the one on sale was only $5 off. Nathan said it was not worth it because he didn't like any other pairs. We left the mall empty handed but we did make some other purchases after. 

Rock Creek - 2 (16 oz) Camelbaks - on sale 25% off Total OOP: $14.66 

Academy Sports - Reebok Easy Tone (shown above), Nike socks (for Nathan) and 1 Gatorade -   
   Total OOP: $81.35 Saved $40.00

I was really excited about the above purchase because I have been waiting for those shoes to drop in price. I started working out on vacation (yes...on vacation!!! haha) so Nathan bought me my shoes! I have worn them all evening and I can already feel the burn! 

Walmart - We went here for a few things. I will go back to do some price matching at the store that is closer to our house. I was able to get 6 papers for $6 which saved me an extra trip! Also, I got 4 First Aid Kits (trial size) for a $2.12 moneymaker! 

We also purchased: 

- creamer 1.33
- kosher salt (for grilling steaks and veggies) 1.68
- 1/2 lb turkey breast (lunch meat) 1.95
- 1/2 lb wundbar bologna 1.26
- 1 cucumber .72
- 2 squash .64
- 1 zucchini .59
- sippy cup 2.77
- 2 (16 oz each) Charcoal on sale for 7.50!!! Great deal!  

Total OOP: $24.31 

I do not know the total savings but I did use $6.55 in coupons. The veggies were for dinner tonight. Nathan grilled steaks from Earth Fare for dinner tonight and he wanted to have some fresh veggies to grill as well. It was nice having him make dinner for us! I loved it! (I did clean up)

I will be going back to Walmart for more First Aid Kits and probably toothbrushes (price matched from Walgreens ---FREE!!!). I will check to see what else we need. 

How did you do today? 

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