Farmer's Market Sunday Shopping Trip!

Wow...what a week it has been! This week Nathan and I have been cleaning and organizing our home for Hailey's birthday party that was held yesterday. It was a great excuse to get our house in order. Nathan did a wonderful job of re-arranging the living room and getting the items for her party. 

Anyways, I will be putting up pictures of her party later...as they are on his camera. 

For now...I will share our nice trip to the Farmer's Market for some fruit and veggies. We attended the first service this morning so it gave us time to go to the market right after before the crowds got too crazy. It is usually very crazy there too but I sure do love going. 

We purchased: 

Trombetta di Albenga (this is the curvy one -- it is an Italian heirloom summer squash) 1.25
1 bunch green beans 3.00
4 yellow squash 1.00
1 pint blackberries 3.00
1 sprig basil .25 
1 tomato (i forget what kind it is) 1.75
1 small pretzel bread for nathan 2.00
2 corn 1.00
3 banana peppers and 2 hot peppers 1.00 

Total OOP: $14.25

So excited! As most of you know...I have planted a garden but it has not produced any veggies or herbs yet. I did spray miracle grow to give it a little help and it has already! I can't wait to just walk out and pick my own veggies for dinner. No store required. No deals to find. haha

Have you grown a garden or purchased any fruits or veggies at the Farmer's Market recently? 

Let me know! 

Also, the curvy squash we can slice it thin with a potato peeler and use it as a substitute for pasta noodles! We shall see how we cook it. 


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