Take Two: Price Matching @ Walmart 7/8

Since my Wednesday Walmart trip went so well..as far as price matching goes...I decided to try it again tonight! It worked! 

I also had to purchase a new air mattress (ours had a hole in it) well two actually. I also bought potatoes, plastic knives and spoons, shredded cheese and sour cream. My complete total OOP was about $39 which is not bad because the mattresses were 10.88 each! 

In the above picture, I have shown just the deals I got. This was done in 2 transactions since you can only use 4 like P&G coupons in one transaction. 

I purchased: 

8 toothpastes - FREE plus 1.44 overage! Also, these had a total of $70 worth of coupons! I can even go back to purchase 6-8 more toothbrushes and toothpastes tomorrow. Only if I have time. 
5 Bic Razors - FREE plus .20 overage! 
3 toothbrushes- FREE
2 Tampax Pearl - .49 each 
1 Proglide Razor - .97 each

Total OOP: .31 plus tax!!!!! AWESOME!!!! 

The overage paid for the items that were not free. I was so happy! 

Do you have a great deal to share? Leave a link in the comment area and I will check it out! 

Thanks so much! 

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