Stop at Aldi, Target and Sam's Club!

After I picked up Nathan from work, we headed over to Aldi for a few essentials. I paid $19.06 for this whole order. 

- 4 peaches, 2 plums, 2 mangoes, 1 lettuce, 1 carton eggs, bacon, pb wafers, popcorn, strawberries (these were WAY better than the ones at Earth Fare), loaf of bread and 2 gal whole milk. 

(Side note: we were told today at the doctor's that we need to cut Hailey's milk consumption down to only 18-20 oz of milk. This will save so much money!!!)

We headed home to put away the groceries and re-arrange our living room (pictures coming soon). 

Target was the last stop we had to make. I only bought 3 lb of Bananas from Sam's Club for only $1.44!!!! They were perfect. 

At Target, we bought a few other items for the house but this was my deal/grocery finds. 

3 boxes Pop-tarts = 4.95 
3 packs pens = 1.00
2 graduate dishes = 1.58

Total OOP: $7.53 plus tax!!!! Not bad since we need breakfast foods...other than cereal! 

An easy trip! No complications! We even purchased Hailey's birthday gifts! 2 - 3 pcs. outfits and a book....plus socks for me!  Also, a storage shelf for Nathan in our laundry room! He already has it set up! 

A wonderful trip and wonderful savings! 

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