Price Matching @ Walmart...It worked....almost!

What a shopping trip experience I had today! HA HA! I almost lost it...twice!! (Of course because I had to go to two Walmarts!) 

Here is my first trip: Mostly all price matching...

- 8 pks Tampax Pearl - 1.99 (cvs) minus $3/2 q = .49 each!!!!
- 1 Beech Nut Steamers - FREE (coupon was mailed to me)
- 4 Gillette ProGlide Razors - 4.97 (riteaid) minus $4 q = .97 each!!!!
- 8 Oral B Toothbrushes - 2/2 (Wags) minus $2/2 q = FREE!!!!
- 4 Cascade Tabs (3 pk) - .97 minus $1 q = FREE plus .12 overage!!!!
- 4 Crest Toothpastes - .57 (rite aid) minus .75 q = FREE plus .72 overage!!!!! (also 3 of these had a free trial size crest scope, floss and $10 in coupons---makes for 3 more free toothbrushes and moneymaker toothpaste!!!!) 
- 1 Pampers Jumbo Pk Diapers - 6.97 (rite aid) minus $2 q = 4.97
- 5-6 lb Chicken Leg Quarters - .88/lb = 5.02 (I was going to price match Save A Lot but realized you had to purchase a 10 lb pack...we do not have that much room in our freezer...still a good price for me right now!)

Total OOP: $16.95 plus tax 

I used $45.98 in coupons and saved $54.42 in price matching! 

Without coupons or price matching, I would have paid $119.42! This is crazy! 

This goes to show you that using coupons and price matching saved you a bundle! Now I was trying to purchase 12 First Aid Kits (Trial Size) with my $3/2 coupons. I would have made $6.36 to go towards my purchase...so I would have paid $10.59 plus tax. Well this particular store would not let me use them. 

I just used 2 of the coupons the other day at the other walmart near our house...so I thought it would not be a problem. WRONG! The manager that came over first told me it wasn't even a manufacturers coupon...which it is...she then asked another manager who said that it was a manufacturers coupon but because it didn't scan they couldn't take it. Well it did scan but it added $3 for each coupon on my order. I said it was okay and I would use them at the other walmart. 

So...I headed to the next Walmart. But I first stopped at Staples to pick up a box of HP Multi-purpose printer paper and a box (500 ct.) envelopes. I used the 75% off coupon (printed of their website...one for each item) plus a $1 off HP paper with Color(something).

Total OOP: $11.25 plus tax
Total Savings: $33.73 

Wonderful to me!!! I was in a great mood now so I headed to Walmart. I even said a little prayer over there that all would go smoothly. Here is what I purchased: 

- 1 All You Magazine - 1.88
- 5 BIC Comfort Razors - 2.88 minus $3 q = FREE plus .60 overage
- 12 First Aid Kits - .97 minus $3/2 q = FREE plus $6.36 overage

Total OOP: (negative) $5.08 minus taxes = $2.50 MONEYMAKER

THIS OF COURSE WAS NOT EXACTLY HOW IT WENT! Haha. I realized that I had not given her 2 of the $3/2 coupons...so I headed over to Customer Service to get the money back. I thought it would be no problem. Again...not exactly how it went! 

I first want to say that I have NEVER been treated like this in my days of couponing. The lady at the cash register was going to help me out when another manager came over and said that the coupons could only be applied the day of...which of course I was doing. But then she said, "Hold on a minute...let me see that coupon." She then said who let you use this coupon...you can't use this coupon on trial size! I said it said ANY on the coupon so I could. She said, "I don't care what the coupon says...even if they all said ANY I could not use them on trial size." I, of course asked if she could show me where it said that in the policy. She said she didn't have time to look it up. 

The other lady was trying to be very helpful through the whole thing. She tried to look up the policy on the computer and said she understood where I was coming from. (I don't think she cared for this "manager"  because she kept saying her name in ever sentence...I can't even remember the name though! haha) 

Anyways, I could not wait any longer for the store manager to come speak with me because Hailey was getting fussy. I took her out to the car and we started to head to pick up Nathan. I then thought that I forgot my receipts...so I headed back to Walmart to see what I could find. 

Of course, I found them in my bag when I was at the CS desk. But while I was there I asked another manager about the policy that I could not use any coupon for trial size (of course you cannot use the ones that say "excludes trial size"). I gave him my coupon for his to have a reference. He went back to ask his supervisor about this. 

He came back out and asked the manager (who gave me the problems and lie) if she told me that I could not use a coupon that said "ANY" on trial size. She said yes! Then he responded, "Why would you say that?" She then took the phone call to dodge the confrontation.  

The supervisor (maybe store manager) came out and asked if the customer was there. I said I am here. She didn't know that I had already purchased the products because she said she would scan a kit and then use the coupon. When I explained all that had happened. She said, "Refund her the money." 

I am sure this was mainly because the first manager had lied to me. I wish I could remember her name so I could write a short letter to corporate but I will let it slide. I will say that I was only really mad because she flat out lied to me. 

Another side not: while she was standing behind the counter...waiting for another manager to come...she said, "Didn't you come in my line the other day?". I said no...I don't normally shop at this particular Walmart but it was convenient the other day and today. She then said, "Oh yes, it was you. I remember you!" HAHAHA

I did tell her I promised her that it was not me as I do not like to shop at this particular Walmart because of issues. It was just a mess! 

I was however refunded my $6 back which happened to pay for dinner at Sam's Club tonight! I finally got to show Nathan how my couponing can pay for other things! 


  1. Oh, Walmart. I'm sorry you had this experience. A good tip would be to have the Corporate coupon policy with you for each store, and a phone number for corporate. Then at least they'll know you mean business. That stinks that the one manager lied though.

  2. Oh I had it up on my phone for her to see. She didn't care. I normally call corporate but the store manager did come out and gave me the money back. She was not very happy with the manager so I am sure words were said.

    I will print it off to have in my hand for next time.

  3. Lindsey (Schlaegel) GossJuly 7, 2011 at 3:31 PM

    I'm glad they price-matched for you. I price-matched at a Wal-Mart here in Louisville (only 30 cents difference) and I got a sigh and rolled eyes.

    When you have problems at Wal-Mart there are a few things you can do A) ask for a member of management B) If this person does not work, ask for an assistant manager or the store manager C) Call 1-800-walmart.

    I called the store and asked to speak with a member of management after my "eye rolling" experience and he was on his way to speak the the lady as I was talking to him.

    Thanks so much for sharing all your money-saving trips! I really enjoy reading your posts and learning some couponing tips!

  4. Thank you for posting this on your blog as well as on KCL brag page. I would never have known that my Walmart would price match after UP/EB/RR. I think it also helps to go when the store is not busy and to find a nice male cashier. I did parts of your deal twice today and had no problems. Good luck to you in the future and thanks again for the info!

  5. You are welcome, Rochelle! I am glad I could share my deal with you too!


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