Walmart Price Matching Trip...Going tonight or tomorrow

I am going to share my planned trip to Walmart. I hope everything is in stock and this all goes smoothly. Here is what I hope to get: 

- 4 trial size Cascade Tabs - use $1 off any q x 4 = FREE + .12 overage
- 4 Pro-Glide Razors - PM @ Rite Aid use $4 off q x 4 = .97 each 
- 8 Oral B Indicator Toothbrushes - PM @ Wags use $2/2 x 4 = FREE
- 4 Crest Toothpastes - PM @ Rite Aid use .75 off q x 4 = FREE + .72 overage!!!

- Blueberries - PM @ Aldi - .99 per pint
- Strawberries - PM @ Aldi - .99 per container
- Pampers Jumbo Pks - PM @ Rite Aid use $2 off q = $4.97 (I also have a 1.50 off q so I may get 2 packs)

- Trial size first aid kits (.97 each) use $3/2 q = $1.06 overage for every 2 I purchase. I can get up to 36 of these which would be $19.08 in overage. I know that I will not be able to get all of these at once so I am spreading out my coupons for each trip I make this month. 

- .59/lb chicken leg quarters - PM @ Save-a-Lot
- 1.88/lb pork spare ribs - PM @ Save-a-Lot

I will also be looking for Crest or Oral B Glide floss for Nathan. I thought I had coupons for Crest but can't seem to find them. It may just be oral b...we shall see. 

-----------------------------------edit to post-------------------------------

I will also be PM @ CVS for the Tampax Pearl on sale for $1.99 with my $3/2 coupon they will be .49 each!!! Great stock up price! 

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