A Little Gardening! (and COFFEE!)

This evening, Nathan, Hailey and I went over to Mr. John and Mrs. Joy's house for dinner and a movie. We were unable to stay for the movie...I am about to fall asleep again and Hailey went straight to bed right when we got home. 

Anyways, I asked Mr. John how I would know when the okra was ready to be picked so he took me out to their garden and showed me. Here is what I got from my garden when we came home:

Not too much okra but I was excited since it was my first pick! Awesome! I also was given some tomatoes and a little bit of okra from Nathan's parents...Nathan will be making me some homemade fried okra! 

And last but not least...I received my package of Community Coffee. I purchased 3 packs of whole bean coffee for a little over $10. So exciting! Nathan was happy because we now have "REAL" coffee. 

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