Ideas for Picture Collage on our Living Room

This is option one: There is a step by step tutorial from Dwelling & Telling! Here is the link to check it out! Dwelling & Telling: DIY

What do you think? It is amazing because the color of the wall with frames is practically the same color as our living room wall! 

frames collage

Here is another option! I love the black and white pictures but if you notice there is a little color in some. Very cute! Here is the link to follow: Interior Design Blogs. There are other ideas as well. 

I will have to show these to Nathan...not sure which one he would like. I am having him take the pictures. He already has a bunch that I absolutely love! He is an amazing photographer! 

What projects are you working on? Let me know! 

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  1. I love black and whites - I started a collage upstairs on the landing with mostly black and white with a couple of colored here and there.. I need to vary my photo sizes more, so hoping after next photo shoot with the kiddos I'll get some good ones. The white frames and the leter in pic 1 is fresh, simple, and unique - hard to choose!!


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