Needed a Night Out By Myself...a GREAT time for couponing!

Just realized that the picture is blurry...I apologize for that! Today was just one of those days that I needed to stress relief after Nathan got home from work. We had dinner, the two little ones I watch during the day went home, I FINALLY took a shower and headed out for some me time! 

I needed to get out of the house and spend time alone. :-D What better time to get all my deal shopping done..well all but one store. Walmart will be Wednesday...it is all planned out! 

I decided that I would head over to Publix before my trip at Target. I had some coupons to use before the sale ad changes on Wednesday. 

- 3 Splenda - $0.59
- 2 Herbal Essences - $0.58

Subtotal: $1.17
Tax: $0.95

Total OOP: $2.12!!!!     Total Saved: $18.37 or 94% Savings! 

This first stop put me in such a great mood. My stress was relieving! Oh how couponing can make my day so much better. :-D

Target was my biggest trip for the night. I did try on about 5 pairs of jeans but they did not fit. I have to have short pants and the only ones they had left were regular or long. I will keep looking though. I did get Hailey 2 pairs of jeans! Here is a break down: 

- 4 Dove+Men Deodorants - $1.52
- 5 Kashi Cookies & Crackers - $1.46
- 2 Scotch Tapes - FREE
- 3 Papermate Pens - FREE
- 8 Bic Pens - FREE
- 1 Up & Up Pantyliners - $0.14
- 1 Prilosec (14 ct.) - FREE (coupon sent to me for a free 14 ct.)
- 2 Pairs of 12 month jeans - $4.00
- 2 Target Pillows - $1.00 (really excited about this bc we will use this weekend on vacation)

Subtotal: $8.12
Tax: $3.31

Total OOP: $11.43         Total Savings: $65.89 (after sales and coupons) 89% savings!  

I also got a $0.75 target coupon (catalina) for up&up pantyliners! Whooo! 

How did you do? 

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