Time in Pennsylvania!

Friday morning (after a few errands), Nathan and I headed to my family reunion in Pennsylvania. The trip up there was pretty great until our directions became wrong (thanks to google maps) in the last 100 miles. There were also detours to maneuver but thankfully we went against what the directions said and found where we were suppose to go. It took about 20-30 minutes but we figured it out. 

All in all we had a good trip up here...just wish there would not have been crazy storms going on. Thankfully it wasn't raining to hard when we were trying to figure out where we were going. :-D It took us about 11 1/2 hours to get to the family reunion (homer city, pa). 

The family reunion was lots of fun. Nathan and I joined the corn hole competition. If your team won, you would split (2) $25 Walmart Gift Cards. I did not know of this prize until we lost in the semi-finals. I have never played this game before and neither has Nathan but I must say we were pretty good. Now when we played my Uncle Yogi and Aunt Roxanne and Jerry and Adam (cousins) that was a different story. These four are like the reigning champions. haha 

Nathan played corn hole ALL DAY long with my cousin Derek and his friend Austin. They turned into the best game to watch for my whole family. Fun times! I swear to you this game is SO ADDICTING! 

Other than the game we had lots of wonderful food...pigs in the blanket, macaroni salad, meatballs, sausage and potatoes (I will feature this recipe tomorrow...it is AMAZING!), fresh fruit, yummy desserts and much more...the kids got gift bags to take home with them and they also made crafts. 

The other main events were: drawings for the kid and adult gift tables (I won a collapsible picnic basket with cups, plates, bowls, table cloth, silverware, and toothpicks. Picture to come later.), deep frying turkeys, eating awesome corn, 50/50 raffle (winner got $89.50!!!), drawings for a wood porch swing, uncle sam thing (Nana won) and a fall lawn decoration. 

Lots to do and lots of fun to have! This was one of the best reunions I have been too. Hailey had lots of fun playing on the porch and watching the fireworks. I had lots of fun hanging out with little sisters and my sister Madison's two little girls. (Hailey and Khloe were giving each other lots of hugs.) 

Now because of all this excitement...little miss Hailey did not get a good nap in all day long...we decided to head to Nana's late last night so she could get a good rest before the fun and excitement we will have this week. 

We followed my Uncle Bumper and Aunt Margaret (and the girls) and Derek and Austin home. They live on the same property as my Nana and Papa. We left a little before 11 and got home around 1 am. Nathan and I got the car unpacked, Hailey's bed set up and we took showers and got a great night sleep. Hailey even slept until after 9 this morning. Nap time is happening right now too. 

Now, I am featuring this shower head because it very much like the one my Nana has. I am sure you can search on Amazon and find one that is a little cheaper but this is to give you an idea. 

This shower head is AWESOME! I am going to ask for one for my birthday for my bathroom. I do not like the shower heads we have and they are super high up. Not really good for a short person. haha 

Last night, Nathan and I felt so much better after our showers. I like this shower head so much because it feels like a nice light water fall is dripping over you. It calms you. A nice thing to have after a busy, fun filled, hot day! 

Anyways, this week Nathan and I will get to go out to eat with my Aunt Lisa, then out with my sister Lizzy and her boyfriend Garrett (sp?)...we are meeting him for the first time, we will also be having wings and homemade pizza for dinner with my family (I will be making the pizza) and lots more. 

I do hope to take Nathan to the beach for a little while since he has never been to Lake Erie in all the years we have been together. I would love to lay out in the sun and rest! We shall see. Lucky me...my aunt and uncle have a swimming pool right next door! 

I hope to also get some  couponing done while I am here. I am especially looking forward to going to Target to see what clearance clothes we can find with our target coupons. They do not have sales tax on clothes in Pa so it will make for some awesome deals! 

How has your week been going? What deals have you got? Please post a comment below sharing your findings! Also, leave a link if you have a blog! 

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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