What a day! Great Deals were found.

What a day it has been. We woke up today to take Nathan to work (we share one car)...of course I thought we would have time to make a quick trip into Target before Kindermusik...nope! I put the few items that I had in the cart back where I found them and headed out the door. 

Hailey had her Kindermusik class today. She started a new class...Busy Days! It was lots of fun...except for the spinning around (for me anyways...I have not felt very well this week...oh the joys of ulcers). I can't wait for the next few classes! 

After Kindermusik, we headed on over to Bi-Lo. Sorry no picture for this trip. I was in search of the V-8 Splash Juice and Kashi Pita Crisps (these are AMAZING!). I only found the juice so I purchased 4 bottles. I paid a little under $1.00 each. I can't remember the exact amount but the total was under $4. I may stop by the other Bi-Lo near our house to see if they have the crisps before we leave...Nathan has to stop at the bank. :-D 

Next, we headed to Grandmommy's house for lunch and time to hang out. It was so much fun and the food was yummy. Hailey walked a little bit for her which was amazing. We did have to cut the visit short this time because I needed to get home to lay down. That lasted about 30 minutes...I couldn't sleep for very long for some reason. Oh well. 

I had to run to the bank and pick up Nathan from work so I made sure I had my Walmart and Target Trips planned out. Nathan did not know when exactly he would be getting done so I needed something to do in the mean time. Lucky me...Walmart is right across the parking lot from his work! Here is what I got! 

I priced matched everything but the Old Spice Body Wash and Spray. Total OOP: $7.78 but should have been $5.58. They missed 2 off my coupons but I was not in the mood to go and deal with it. 

- 8 Oral B Indicator Toothbrushes - FREE plus .06 overage (PM - CVS)
- 2 Mitchum Deodorants - FREE (PM - Walgreens) $1 off from coupons.com
- 3 Dove Men Soap - FREE (PM - Walgreens)
- 4 Bic Pens - FREE (PM - Target) 
- 4 OS Body Wash - .97 each (these are the two coupons that did not scan) 
- 4 OS Body Sprays - FREE (since I purchased the OS body wash)

Subtotal Should have been: $3.82 plus tax. But when you look at how much I would have spent $2 is not a big deal. 

Would have spent about $62 plus tax. After Price Matching the subtotal was $42.78 after coupons $3.82 ($1.82 if other coupons would have been scanned). 94% Savings!!!! 

Happy Happy! A good portion of this will be going towards a basket for the family reunion. 

After Nathan was picked up we headed over to Target. Here is what we got! 

- 4 First Aid Gauze - .46 for all four after my $3/2 coupons
- 1 First Aid Kit Bag - FREE with purchase of 3 Johnson & Johnson products!
- 1 Up & Up Fem. Item - .14
- 1 Iron Man Toy - 2.67 (on clearance...birthday gift)
- 1 Chalk - .67 (on clearance...addition to the kid's gift basket)
- 1 Jeans - 2.74!!! (on clearance and used the $3 off denim target coupon...print these out!)

Total OOP: $6.79 plus tax 

Total Savings: $40.40!!!! Those jeans were originally $22.99 and the toy was over $10!!!!! 

Savings of 86% Not too bad!  

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