Walmart Price Matching Again...AWESOME!

I had time today before my dentist appointment so I headed over to Walmart (the one I was trying to stay away from because of the major problems last time --they redeemed themselves!). I priced matched items from Office Depot, Walgreens and Rite Aid. 

- 5 boxes of Crayola Crayons - .25 each (PM Office Depot)
- 5 notebooks - .20 each
- 1 Mitchum Deodorant - 1.00 used .75 off (PM Walgreens) = .25 
- 4 Old Spice Bodywashes (trial size) - .97 used 1.00/2 = .47 each
- 1 Sauve Lotion - FREE used free coupon from a giveaway
- 4 Old Spice Body Sprays - FREE used BOGO coupon (originally 4.24)
- 2 Pampers Cruisers (Jumbo Pack) - 5.99 used 1.50 off (PM Rite Aid) = 4.49
- 5 Oral B floss - .97 used .75 off = .22 each (one missing from picture)
- 4 Dove Men+Care Soap (6 pk) 4.00 used 4.00 off = FREE (PM Walgreens)
- 2 Kotex (18 ct.) 1.00 used 1.00 off coupon = FREE (PM Rite Aid)

Subtotal: $14.46 
Taxes: $5.72

Total OOP: $20.18

Now this would have been $5 cheaper but they did not have any Scotch Tape left. I was going to price match Target's .50 price and use my $1 off coupon (10 times) which would give me $5 overage. I will be going back in tomorrow so hopefully I can find some..if not I will head to Target. 

Now the prices before Price Matching and coupons would have been about $80. 

I believe I did pretty well. I will be going back to get some more diapers...I tried to use the Parent Choice diapers that we were given but they did not do well with Hailey. Haha Oh well. You live and learn. Pampers and Huggies only for me! 

I am hoping to keep my transaction tomorrow to practically nothing. We shall see. 


  1. Hey! We just tried Parent's Choice diapers too but they gave Ella a rash & leaked every time :( We use cloth most of the time but when I need disposable I use Huggies. Are you ordering some of your coupons or do you get multiple inserts? I've enjoyed reading your posts, I've been couponing since Andy & I got married and love the challenge!

  2. Hey Jess. I normally use Pampers or Huggies but we had a huge box of the Parent Choice...didn't want them to go to waste but I think I will.

    I buy multiple papers a week. Normally, I purchase about 6 of them depending on the coupons. (4-6 is a good number) I receive 2-3 more inserts a week from Nathan's grandmother which is awesome. Hope that helps!

    Thanks for reading my blog! I love to coupon as well. The challenge is fun!


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