Aldi Shopping Trip

After we stopped at Walmart and dropped the recyclables off we headed to Aldi. We didn't need much so it wasn't a huge shopping trip. I mainly went in for milk (Hailey's 3rd gallon of the week), fruit, eggs and cheese. We stuck pretty well to the list I wrote out.

Here is what we purchased:

- 2 Fit & Active Lean Pockets 3.78
- Whole Milk 2.99
- Ice Cream 2.49 (Nathan added this...I didn't know we were out...gotta have it in our home!)
- Chicken Drumsticks 2.49
- Tortilla Chips 1.19
- Kettle Chips 1.99
- Carrots .99 (Great deal! I will be using these for juicing...we will see how it turns out!)
- Red Grapes 1.98 (SO DELICIOUS! I will be getting more before the sale is over!)
- Eggs 1.19
- 1 Mango .89 
- Shredded Cheese 2.99 (I was hoping for a price drop but finally had to give in to purchasing it.)
- Flour Tortillas .99

Total Spent : $25.82 (1.86 of total was tax)

Not too bad! I just needed a few things to fill in the gaps for our meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner). 

If you have an Aldi near you...I suggest you go and check it out! This is where I get my majority of everyday groceries. I only buy items from Publix, Walmart and Bi-Lo if I can get an amazing deal. Mainly under $1 unless it is something that never goes that low. 

Total Spent For The Month: $59.44 

Total Left For The Month: $40.56

How are you doing?! Please leave a comment or email me @ rankincarlyejean34@gmail.com! 


  1. Your monthly grocery budget is admirable! I just have a family of two (my husband and I), but we're huge foodies so our grocery budget is HIGH. I do love Aldi though. We use a price book to determine where to buy items (assuming none are on sale). I'd love for you to follow me here: http://jandjnewleaf.blogspot.com/

  2. I am testing this budget out to see if it will work for my family. It is only 3 of us and my daughter eats smaller meals than we do. We also have a garden and get tomatoes, peppers and okra from my husband's parents...this has helped out.

    Hopefully, we can make it on the $100 a month but it may go up to $150 next month. :D


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