Price Matching @ Walmart

A SUCCESS! I am so happy to report that I had no issues at all with this transaction. The cashier even said that she needed to keep up with couponing and that it was so smart! I was happy! 

Here is the breakdown: 

- 4 Trial Size Cascade Packs - .97 used 1.00 PG coupon = FREE + .12 overage! 
- 2 Keri Lotions - 5.97 but PM Wags - .99 used 2.00 coupon = FREE + 2.02 overage!!!!
- 1 Pantene 2 in 1 - 3.78 used FREE coupon (mailbox) = FREE
- 2 Active Yeast - 1.13 no coupon

Subtotal BEFORE coupons and pm = 21.86 

AFTER = $0.12!!!! 

Total OOP: $1.19 or 99% savings!!!! I was So excited! 

How did you do?! 

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