Cow Pick Up!!!

Now this picture does not show how much different cuts of meat are in our freezer now but let me tell you it is a great amount. 

Today, Mrs. Joy and I headed to the processing plant in Flinstone, Ga (about 20 min. away) to pick up our half cow! Our portion was somewhere between 250-300 lbs! Here is a break down of what my half looks like:

- 48 lbs ground beef
- 4 sirloin steaks
- 6 cube steaks
- 4 t bone steaks
- 2 chuck roasts
- 4 rib steaks
- 1 rump roast
- 1 shoulder roast
- 2 sirloin tip steaks
- 7 lbs beef stew
- 2 lbs beef livers 

This is pretty much the same list that Mrs. Joy and Mr. John received. I am super excited about having this meat because I will be able to try a lot of different recipes...especially since we have the charcoal grill! 

* This is also grass fed beef. What could be better than that?! Love it! 

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