CVS Shopping Trip

This evening, I made a trip out to CVS for some Lysol Disinfectant Wipes and Spray. (The sweet little girl I babysit during the week is sick.) Before dinner, I cleaned all the toys I could in hot, soapy water but there were stuff animals (with music boxes/batteries inside) and other toys that could only be sprayed. It was probably about that time for me to clean all the toys anyways.  

In my email this week, I received a $3 off coupon for my birthday so I planned out a deal I could get on toilet paper. CVS has a deal going on where if you spend $25 in P&G products...you will receive $10 ECB! I had $1 off Charmin, $1 off Bounty and $0.25 off 3 Puff Tissues. Here is what I purchased:

- 1 Charmin 12 pack @ 9.99
- 1 Bounty 12 pack @ 9.99
- 4 Puffs @ 2/3.00

Subtotal: $25.98

After coupons: $20.73 plus tax and I received that $10 ECB

I then used the $10 to purchase the Lysol Wipes and Spray! My 20% off (on my card) was applied to these two items. 

- 1 Lysol Wipes
- 1 Lysol Spray
- 1 Diet Coke (filler)

Minus 20% coupon, $1 off Lysol Spray, $10 ECB

Total After coupons: $1.50 

I basically paid about $25 for 9 items. This is not really an amazing deal but we needed toilet paper and the Lysol products. I am very thankful that I had this deal already planned out just in case I was going to go out. 

Sorry no picture! Hailey was trying to tear into the toilet paper and paper towels. 

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