Lovely Additions To My Kitchen

Today in the mail, I received the vinyl canister decals! I purchased them from Etsy.com - Mustard Seed Dream! You need to check out all of the items Tara has to offer! I purchased 10 different decals - flour, powdered sugar, sugar, brown sugar, coffee, cookies, salt, oats, pasta and rice. Total cost: $8.49 plus shipping! Amazing deal! 

Another item that I added to our kitchen was one of my Scentsy Warmers! This was the DIY Warmer. My lovely friend Jessica and I worked on this one together. This one came plain white and I ordered a DIY theme kit! It has designs on all four sides! I love it! 

What do you think about the new additions? 

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  1. Those look great!!! I love that font style! Thank you for sharing!!!


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