Aldi and Farmer's Market

Sorry no picture of the actually groceries but this is the actually Aldi that I shop at. :D Here is a breakdown of what we purchased this evening. (Nathan came with me so I could stop at Walmart for candy corn.) 

- Apple Juice 1.49
- Sausage Links 2.49 (Nathan's request)
- 2 Fit Stuffed Sandwiches 1.89 each
- 5 lb red potatoes 1.49 (special price)
- Bananas 1.10
- Tortilla Chips 1.19
- Fat Free Chicken Broth 1.39 (cool weather is coming!)
- Celery .69 (special price)
- Flour tortillas .99
- Black Beans .55
- 2 Tomato Sauce (sm. cans) .29 each
- Tomato Paste .69
- Diced Tomatoes w/Jalapenos (2 cans) .55
- Medium Salsa 1.79
- 2 Spaghetti Os - .69 each
- 2 Gallons Milk 3.19 each (went up from 2.99)
- Baked Chips 1.99
- 16' Thin BBQ Deli Pizza 6.49

Total OOP: $37.99

This shopping trip should last us the rest of the month and hopefully another week after. 

After church this morning, we headed over to the farmer's market. I was looking for Honey Crisp Apples for Mrs. Joy but they sold out of those by the end of August. They lasted about a week. I will be going back next Sunday for different apples. 

For got the above for $8. 

- 2 ears of corn .50 each (peaches and cream - my fave!)
- 1 hanging okra 1.00 (super intrigued by this...said it was sweet)
- 2 yellow squash and 3 zucchini 3.00 
- Jonathan apples 3.00

Yummy veggies and fruit! And it is always great to support local farmers! 

What have you purchased this week? 


  1. I adore shopping at farmer markets - we went yesterday to get raspberries and made jam today :) Honeycrisp apples are my FAVE! They're still available here in MI, but I'm sorry they're out where you live. I'm thinking of making spicy apple jam with some...

  2. Yummy! You are making me hungry. lol My nana and I made raspberry jam a couple of months ago and then my friend Kristy and I made pear jam. I wish I could drive to MI and get some apples. Let me know how your spicy apple jam turns out. I would love to try that next!

  3. i love reading about how to make something we have to do a little more cost efficent. i'm super into meal planning for us. we're so busy and it really helps avoid wasting money or eating things we shouldn't. xoxo


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