I LOVE the Target clearance areas! You can find the best deals if you just wait a few weeks and that is what happened to me tonight. 

I was able to purchase the following: 

- 60 spiral notebooks @ .05 each = $3  (Saved $57!!!)
- 26 composition notebooks @ .10 each = $2.60 (Saved about $23 or more!)
- 60 folders @ .03 each = $1.80 (Savings unsure - $28 - thinking the folders were maybe .50 each to start with but they may have been more?)

I will keep one composition notebook - it is pink, college ruled - the rest will be donated to a friend on mine who is a teacher. This will keep her stocked up for awhile and possibly others too. 

I also purchased a white Mossimo women's shirt - clearance for $3.74 used the $5 off Target coupon = FREE! I was hoping for overage but was not given any. There have been times when I have received overage and some where I have not. Free is good with me!
I saved $14.99!!! 

Total Spent: $7.40 plus tax!! 

Total Savings: Over $123.00 or 94% 

Please check out your nearest Target and see what you can find. These items can help some many teachers or families! Let me know what you find! 

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