Best Walmart Trip EVER!


Of course, that is not all I am going to say. :D Before Hailey's music class today, we headed to Walmart to get toothpaste, floss, sandwich bags and baby wipes. I was very excited about the toothpaste because it was a moneymaker for me! Here is a breakdown: 

First Transaction:

- 1 loaf french bread 1.04
- 1 loaf italian bread 1.04
- 2 garlic breads .97 each
- 4 cascade trial size .97 each
- 8 crest complete toothpastes 1.00 each (PM Walgreens Ad - 2/2 after RR)
- 4 oral b glide dental floss 1.00 each (PM Walgreens Ad - 2/2 after RR)
- 3 oral b complete toothbrushes 1.00 each (PM Walgreens Ad - 2/2 after RR)

coupons used: 

- (4) $1 off any cascade (free plus .12 overage!)
- (4) $2 off crest complete toothpaste ($4 moneymaker!!)
- (4) $1 off crest toothpaste (free - coupon came from inside a toothpaste box)
- (4) $1 off oral b glide floss (free - coupon came from inside a toothpaste box) {wrong pile}
- (2) .75 off oral b toothbrush (.25 each)
- (1) $1 off oral b toothbrush (free - coupon came from inside a toothpaste box)

Total BEFORE coupons: $24.97
Total AFTER coupons: $6.47

Transaction #2: 

- 2 gv sandwich bags (100 ct.) 1.00 each
- 2 baby wipes (80 ct.) .98 each (hypoallergenic - no scent)
- 4 oral b glide dental floss 1.00 each (PM Walgreens Ad - 2/2 after RR)
- 4 crest complete toothpaste 1.00 each (PM Walgreens Ad - 2/2 after RR)

coupons used: 

- (4) $2 off crest complete toothpaste ($4 moneymaker)
- (4) $1 off oral b floss (free)

As I am typing this up, I realized that I accidentally gave my cashier my four extra $1 off oral b glide dental floss coupons! OH NO! It never beeped so I didn't even think about it. 

Total BEFORE Coupons: $13.07
Total AFTER Coupons: -$2.93 (They handed me cash back)

If I would have realized what I had done, I would have paid $1.07. Instead they get $4 plus .08 s/h per coupon. I thought it was weird getting money back but I was just too excited that I got paid.

{Just figured out what happened - I forgot to give him 4 of my $1 off coupons in the first transaction - these were in the wrong pile!) So I was correct in what I did - just a little backwards!}

Lesson Learned: Mistakes can happen to anyone...especially when it comes to couponing!

Total OOP: $3.54  or 91% savings

Also, there were $14 in coupons inside 4 of the toothpaste boxes! I can use these to score some .25 toothpaste, floss and toothbrushes for other friends and family! This $42 in free money! love it! 


  1. You are very coupon saavy! This post is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is awesome! Can you please tell me where exactly in the store you found the Cascade? Thanks!

  3. I found them in the dish soap isle and also in the under $1 stand - there was candy, drinks - a bunch of stuff. HTH

  4. How do you match ads AFTER RR? Do they actually give you the price it would come to if you'd gotten a RR? I've never seen anyone do this before. I'm think I'm too scared to try this. =(

  5. I show them the ad price after RR. I never knew they did this until I had a little problem with one of the CSM one night. The store manager called me to apologize but he also told me that they took the price after RR. I was totally amazed. I have never had a problem with this yet.

    You could call your local store manager and ask if they price match after rewards. Hopefully they do.



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