Itty Bitty HeartBeats Giveaway - Ends October 3rd!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to remind you of that you only have five days after today to enter for the Itty Bitty HeartBeats giveaway! 

I cannot stress enough how amazing this web-based television series is for your children. It teaches them to be honest, caring and loving to others. Making positive choices...listening from their heart. The world is full of the opposite but we can help stop this through this generation. If we can help our children learn how to treat others and to show love, the world will be better. 

{Side note: I also believe that children can learn these things from our walk with the Lord. Showing them and teaching them how Jesus loved others. How he cared for them.} 

To enter the giveaway: 

"Like" Itty Bitty HeartBeats on facebook (if you do not have facebook...that is okay)

Let me know who your favorite character is ... www.ittybittyheartbeats.com

For two different extra entries: 

Become a follower on my blog! 

Tell me what your favorite episode is: "Home is Where the Heart is" "You're Special Too" "Sleep Little Angel" "With a Little Bit of Love" 

What you will win: 

- Itty Bitty HeartBeats DVD
- 2 plush dolls 
- stickers for your kids to play with. 

{Edit: Here is the link to my previous post about the giveaway: http://simplylivingmommie.blogspot.com/2011/09/itty-bitty-heartbeats.html


  1. You should link this post back to the contest post to make it easier for people to find that post and enter. I'd enter, but I dont have kids... but I might enter anyway and give it to a friend if I win...

  2. Thanks for the advice. You can leave a comment on this one as well to be entered. I hope you enter! Thanks again.


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