Relationships are a blessing!

I must tell you that working on current and building new relationships is such a blessing. Last night, Nathan and I had an amazing talk about what things we need from each other. I already can see how God is starting to work in our relationship.

This evening, I started a short part time job at Nathan's office. He works for an organization called CBMC Inc. - Christian Businessmen Connection - reaching men in the marketplace. It is such a great ministry and I love all the people he works with. Anyways, tonight we made calls out to some of the businessmen that are involved with CBMC - just to touch base with them and share what opportunities God has provided them with. 

I got to talk to some amazing people. It was fun, especially since most of them were in different time zones than here in Chattanooga. I love to talk with people, see where they are in life and pray for them. Another thing that was cool was that I got to share with them about how CBMC is partnering with Sherwood Films to create a group discussion study to coinside with the movie Courageous that is coming out September 30th! 

Now, EVERYONE that is reading this post: YOU NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE! IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! God is going to move this nation/world with this movie. It hits every emotion we have and it speaks SO MUCH TRUTH! 

Let me know if you are going to see it. Also, let me know how you are doing and if I can pray for you in anyway. My email is carlye0810@gmail.com - Thank you! 

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