Small Walmart Trip

After lunch, Nathan was watching football and Hailey was taking a nap. I was going to follow Hailey's lead and take a nap but I decided that I wanted to take this time to head to Walmart to pick up newspapers and to see if I could use some of my coupons. 

Here is what I purchased - missing from the picture are 11 other papers.

1 Simply Orange - Free after $1.00 off q from coupons.com
1 Simply Orange - Free after $1.00 off q
1 Simply Limeade - Free after $1.00 off q
1 KY - Free plus overage after $3 off q 
12 Newspapers - 1.00 each (8 for me, 4 for Jessica)

Total Before Coupons: $18.33

Total After Coupons: $10.33 

Now you are probably wondering how I only paid 10.33 when it should have been 12.33. I went through the self-checkout line since I thought it would be no problem at all but of course no. lol 

The register I was using did not like me very much...the cashier came over to help me out and he had to manual type in the coupons. When he hit enter it only showed $4 off instead of $6 - he typed them in again and it showed $6 off. When I was walking out to the car I realized that I should have paid $2 more. 

I turned around and went to pay the $2 - honestly is key...I have called Walgreens before because I bought the wrong size of Tide that my coupon specified. (Manager said to not worry about it but thanked me for calling and letting her know.) Anyways, I was waiting in the customer service line but it was crazy - I walked over to the cashier who helped me and told him what had happened. 

I will tell you...he was very confused. He knew what had happened but was confused about me coming back in. He laughed and said not to worry about it. He probably has not had that happen to him before but I wanted to make sure I did the right thing. I did not want him to get in any trouble and then have problems with him again. 

What did you get this weekend? How many papers did you purchase? I would love to hear! 

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