Target Clearance

Ever since our yard sale, Nathan has been making sure I knew that we needed cereal bowls. The ones I got for my birthday are good for soups and pasta but not cereal. I have looked around for some bowls but we could never decide on any...until tonight!

I found these green and blue bowls on clearance for $1.24 each (originally $2.49). I would have waited another week if they had more on the shelf but I was afraid they would have ran out. I purchased a total of 8 bowls for $9.92 plus tax. I would have paid $19.92 if they had not been on clearance. 

The two clear bowls are for Nathan to have when he has oatmeal. The other bowls are only dishwasher safe not microwave safe. They were $1.57 - not on sale but I was okay with the price. Colored bowls were 2 for $5.99! I did not want to pay that price. lol 

We also went to look for footed pajamas for Hailey but we had no luck. They did not have anything in her size. It was crazy. I was very surprised. Next, we will be looking at TJ Maxx and Carters later this week. Pray I find some good deals. 


  1. Love the new bowls! Good luck in your pajama search! :)

  2. Really love the bowls...very pretty colors!!!


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