Aldi Shopping Trip

This past Thursday, the family headed over to Mrs. Joy and Mr. John's house for dinner. Before that I had to make a quick stop to get some groceries. I did not have time before I picked Nathan up from work so I made it quick. 

Aldi, is a great place to run in and run out. There are only five aisles...who wouldn't love that. lol Here is a breakdown of what I purchased: 

- Chicken Ramen Noodle Soup 1.99 {Great for me right now...}
- Granny Smith Apples 1.00 {.25 each!}
- Pnt Butter Waffers .99
- Swiss Cake Rolls .99 {Sounded good in the store...need to get back in the mood for them.}
- Choc. Chip Cookies 1.89 {trying these out instead of brand name}
- 2 Granulated Sugar 5.38 {canning pear preserves...soon....}
- Olive Oil Chips 1.59 {nathan found these and wanted to try them}
- Cheese Sharks 1.49 {Hailey loves these!}
- Kosher Pickles 1.29 
- Iceburg Lettuce .99
- 100% Whole Wheat Bread 1.29
- Bananas 1.03
- 2 Mac n Cheese .78
- 2 Mixed Veggies 1.30
- 2 Spaghetti Rings 1.18
- 2 Green Beans 1.18

Total OOP: $26.25 

This week, I was very thankful to have be able to purchase Nathan milk from Bi Lo for .50 a carton and then I had coconut milk for Hailey in my stockpile. I am pretty sure those were either free or pretty close. Can't go wrong with that! 

How did you do? Find any good deals? 

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