Kohl's and Publix Shopping Trip

Recently, I received a $10 off any purchase coupon from Kohl's since they remodeled. Of course, I wanted to see what I could get for free! Yesterday afternoon, Jessica, Hailey and I headed out to do some deal shopping! I must say it took me a little longer than I thought to pick out what I wanted. They had some great sales going on. 

I ended up (with the help of Jessica) choosing this green/fall tablecloth for our kitchen and a pair of earrings. Here is the breakdown of what I spent and saved: 

- Napier Earrings: on clearance for $3.20 (originally 16.00)
- Tablecloth: on sale for $9.99 (originally 24.99)

Used 15% off coupon and $10.00 off coupon

Total Spent: $2.96 (includes tax)

Total Saved: $38.28 or 93%!!!! 

Next we headed to Publix since it was near Kohl's. I had a raincheck for Welch's juice I needed to use! Here is a breakdown of what I purchased:

- 5 Welch's Juice (raincheck for BOGO) $1.73 each
- 1 Coffee Mate Creamer (Brown Sugar Maple Latte) $1.67 


- (5) $1 off Welch's Juice coupons 
- (1) $0.50 off creamer coupon (doubled) 

Total Spent: $5.06 (includes tax)

Total Saved: $15.30 or 78% 


Since, Jessica helped me be decisive and gave me 2 juice coupons I gave her a juice of her choice and we got a couple tacos at Taco Bell. Yummy. It was lots of fun hanging out and getting deals! She is my coupon buddy! How did you do this week?! 

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  1. David likes that juice by the way, he already opened it up and has been drinking with it. See you soon!


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