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I have been trying to plan our our meals for the week for awhile now but have not been very consistent. This is definitely been something that I need to work on...especially with another little one on the way. 

I have been thinking about starting freezer cooking but will need to get some supplies first. Have you done this? Any suggestions? I have been reading moneysavingmom.com about how Crystal has done freezer cooking and it seems quite easy. Not time consuming - you really can do a lot in 15 minutes. I will keep you updated!

Here is our menu for this week: 


- bagels and bacon (already eaten :D)
- cereal (Nathan has been enjoying his Lucky Charms)
- baked oatmeal 


- for nathan: pb&j sandwiches, apple, chips, cookies
- for hailey: pasta with beans and pasta sauce (made a batch of this for her), avacado, bananas, pb&j sandwiches, cheese quesadillas
- for myself: whatever I can come up with...need to get creative with meals for myself. lol


- Chicken (marinated with Olive Oil and Vinaigrette Dressing and Montreal Chicken Seasoning), corn and crescent rolls 
- Spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread
- Roast with potatoes and green beans
- Leftovers
- Pepperoni pizza 

I will need to go do a little bit of grocery shopping but I am trying to wait until December 1st. I have gone a little bit over this month because we had to purchase more milk than usual. Nathan's milk expired faster than I thought it would so I had to get more and since Hailey is teething she has not been eating as much but has been drinking a lot of milk. Still getting her vitamins and nutrients! I am still one happy momma. 

I am off to checking what the new deals at Publix starting tomorrow...oh and Bi-Lo. I am hoping for lots of free or close to that items as possible. Wish me luck!

What are you having for dinner? Please leave a link to your blog post in my comments section! I would love to get some new ideas! 

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  1. There's a cool website - onceamonthmom.com. Awesome free recipes for making freezer meals!


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