Aldi and Discount Bakery Shopping Trip

Good morning! Hailey and I are sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and listening to Christmas music - with my Autumn Sunset in the Scentsy Warmer - making our house smell like the holidays! Amazing! Love days like this! 

Yesterday was the day to FINAL go grocery shopping. Last month, I went over our budget by a little bit (like $15) so I really wanted to stretch what we had in our pantry...we made it to December 1st! lol I was still happy. 

Hailey and I had to run a special errand for Nathan - we sold some of his xbox games at McKay's which is on the other side of town...I am always only about 10 minutes from there on Thursdays so it was a perfect day. We made $21 (and some change) plus $8 (and some change) in trade credit to use at the store later to purchased used books, cds, dvds, games or whatever. Great place. 

Anyways...before we headed to McKay's I decided to stop by the Discount Bakery. I do not get to stop by here that often so I had to go see what deals they had on bread were and I was very happy. Here is a breakdown of my purchase:

- 1 Nature's Own Honey Wheat Buns .99
- 1 Nature's Own Whole Wheat Hot Dog Buns .99
- 1 Nature's Own Honey Wheat Sandwich Bread .99
- 1 Nature's Own Healthy Multigrain Bread .99
- 1 Nature's Own Honey Wheat Bread .99

Total Spent OOP: $4.95 plus tax 

I was so happy because I was able to stock up (all the bread is in the freezer) for the next 2 months. (i have half a loaf open right now plus had one in the freezer.) Can't beat those prices...especially not having to use coupons with a sale.

After we sold the xbox games, it was time to pick Nathan up from work. His work is near the Aldi so I said I would pick him up before I went. I like when he comes sometimes so I don't forget anything. He even found a great deal on pizzas for me. Here is a breakdown of what we purchased:

- flour tortillas .99
- 3 grapefruits .99 (on sale for .33 each :D)
- iceburg lettuce .99
- garden salad bag .99
- 10 lb russet potatoes 2.99
- 2 cans corn .59
- 1 can black beans .55
- sour cream 1.29
- 1 can tomato paste .39
- 2 four meat pizzas 6.98 (on sale for 3.49! super excited...great find by nathan!)
- 1 can butter beans .69 (trying these - hailey)
- 1 pasta entree .99
- 1 chicken pasta .69 (small bag for me...love prego cravings)
- 2 boxes lean pockets 3.78 
- french toast sticks 1.99
- frozen waffles 1.29
- shells and cheese 1.29
- shredded cheese 2.99
- thin wheat crackers 1.29
- baby carrots .99
- 3 lb navel oranges 1.99
- 3 lb tangerines 1.49
- 1 lb sliced lunchmeat 3.29
- premium bacon 3.29 (we have tested all the bacon and this is the best one!)
- frozen berries 2.99
- yogurt tubes 1.99
- pickles 1.29 (of course, for me -- bread and butter)
- 4 pk. fruit bowls 1.59
- eggs 1.59

- 4 different cans of veggies for Food Bank (trailer outside of store collecting) 2.38 

Total OOP: $53.33 plus tax 

I am very happy with our grocery purchases yesterday. We spent $62.76 and have $87.24 left to spend for the month. Doing pretty good! I am planning for most of these groceries to last me two weeks and I am trying to save some of the money for food on our trip to Pennsylvania!

My goal is to only spend $50 for the rest of the month so that will leave us with about $37. I already have a free drink coupon from Pilot and a $10 gas gift card. I also purchased the Living Social Deal from yesterday 50% off McDonald's - 5 Big Macs and 5 Large Fries voucher booklet for $13. I can use the sandwich and fries coupons - plus nathan can use a fry coupon which will make our oop less on the trip. This is a Christmas stocking present for me from Nathan...except I bought it. lol 

Anyways, how are you doing on your grocery budget for the month? What are your goals? Please share! 


  1. Aldi is definitely the place to shop, if you do not have coupons.

    I just spent $30+ at Aldi yesterday on produce, milk, meat and snacks. Then today I spent $26 at Publix on the rest, and I bought orange juice at Target, because it beat the Aldi price.

    I don't know how you can do $50 for the month, that's amazing. I spend around $60 a week for a family of five, and I thought I did great:)

    Thank you for linking up at the Aldi Savings Linky at the Aldi Spot.

  2. I wasn't seeing very much at Publix or Bi-lo this week. I usually only buy items that are free or at stock up price. Aldi is the reason I can stay within budget.

    I spend $150 per month sometimes $160 for 3 people. That does not include our dog food because we only have to purchase a bag every few months.

    I know for sure I would spend about $60 a week for a family of five. I think that is great!

    Thanks for the comment and the link up! Love reading your blog! (I check it before I go to Aldi. :D)


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