Kohl's Shopping Trip!

Today after church, we headed to Kohl's to see what we could get for Hailey. I had $30 in Kohl's cash to use from Black Friday plus a 20% off coupon. I totally did not realize that the 20% came off after the $30 in Kohl's cash so my figures were all off but I was very happy with my savings. 

Here is a breakdown of my purchase: 

- 7 pairs toddler socks 1.80 each
- 1 sweatshirt 6.00
- 1 bodysuit 6.99
- 1 mokey shirt 4.80
- 2 sweatpants 6.00 each
- 1 stripped leggings 4.80

Subtotal before coupons: $47.19
minus $30.00 Kohl's cash 
minus 20% off ($3.44)

{I thought my total before the Kohl's cash was taken off would have been $37.75 but the 20% was taken off after. I did not care for that too much because I picked up an extra pair of pants to be over $30. Oh well, they are too cute!}

Total OOP: $15.02 - tax was $1.27 of total

Total Saved: $96.25 or 88% 

I was so happy! Confused at the time but happy. These will be great for her to wear this month as it is getting colder. I love to be able to find great deals on clothes for her since they can be very expensive and since we haven't had to really buy that much because of all the wonderful hand me downs we have received! And clothes from grandparents! :D 

What did you use your Kohl's cash on? I would love to hear! 

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