Aldi Produce Prices 2/22 - 2/28


Today starts a new ad at Aldi! I am so excited about these great produce prices - too bad we have already gone over our monthly budget so I will have to pass. (insert sad face) I believe that they are having their "Italian Days" this week. Here is what is on sale: 

Green Peppers .99 (pack of 3)

Tomatoes .99 (on the vine) - I usually find they have 4 or 5 on the vine!

Romaine Hearts .99 (pack of 3)

Red Onions .69 (2 lb bag)

Mushrooms .69 (8 oz. pkg.)

Roma Tomatoes .99 (20 oz. pkg.)

Varieties of Cheese are on sale too. Also be on the look out for different pastas, balsamic vinegar, oils, italian cookies and more! 

Let me know what you get! And remember to check your particular store's ad because this varies by location!  Just visit www.aldi.com and type in your zip code! 


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