A funny story to share....

This week has been a CRAZY one! 

I found Eden in the pack in play and there was poop all over! It was on her, on the side of the pack in play and on the bottom fabric but thankfully it did not get on the part you lay down on. 

I am sure you are thinking - that is GROSS! Well let me tell you it was! haha Especially for  pregnant woman! I moved so quickly! Got her bathed, room cleaned and then I used one of my Scentsy candles to air out the room. Worked amazingly! I disinfected the pack and play like 3 times! haha 

Plus later that night, Hailey tried to take her diaper off but only half of it unhooked. She came to sit on my lap and there was no diaper - it had fallen off. Bad part - it was a dirty diaper! lol Thankfully nothing landed on the floor. haha 

Then yesterday, I had the girls in the backyard - Ty (our dog) was outside with us. He decided to run after another dog - he never does this! So I am trying to get Ty to come back and watch the girls. Hailey followed me but Eden wanted to still play in the garden but then finally came. I picked them up and carried them across the street where Ty was - except he decided he was going to run out into the middle of the street.

Mind you there were two cars coming and he almost got hit right in front of me but the car stopped so I could get it. He then proceed to play dead in the front of the car. I was very upset and flustered! 

Picture me carrying two 20 lb girls , chasing after a dog - funny because I am 6 months pregnant. lol It was just craziness! 

I tell you all this to give you a nice laugh. I just couldn't believe that all this happened in two days! haha 

I hope you all are having a great week! lol 

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  1. Oh, you, poor thing! You did have a long week:)


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