Carrot Walnut Chocolate Chip Muffins

Healthy. Delicious. 

Two words to describe these muffins. I (of course) found the recipe on Pinterest. Can you tell I am on there a lot lately? Probably a couple times a day. I am always trying to find new recipes and ideas for little Harper's Room. 

After reading about these muffins, I had to make them right away. I was planning on making them two days ago but things just came up and I did not have as much energy as normal. So last night, I made sure the kitchen was clean so I could dive in! 

I changed a couple of things in the recipe but you can find the original here: 

The changes were not much - I only had Skim Milk instead of Soy Milk and White Flour for the White Whole Wheat Flour. Oh and I used Canola Oil instead of Vegetable. 

Next time, I would add more chocolate chips - I know that would take a bit away from it being healthy but my husband agreed. lol 

I hope you go and check out foodfitnessfreshair.com - there are tons of yummy recipes for you to try out! I can't wait to try the Vegan Kale Pesto! I can't wait! 


  1. Yum! That sounds delicious! I need to try your recipe. And kale pesto sounds interesting!
    Hey, I tagged you in a little questionnaire on my blog. Come, join me and spread some love if you'd like to. Thank you!

    1. Thanks. I am working on the questionnaire. Thanks so much!


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