Meal Plan This Week...Who wants to come help me?!

Help me please! 

This statement is how I feel this week. 

I am beginning to need help. Being pregnant, cleaning and cooking all while taking care of Hailey and Eden plus Nathan and Ty is getting to be a lot. haha

I have a list of what I need done but can't find the energy after lunch (or even breakfast) to check it off! 

I have made a meal plan for the week and we have followed it so far. I know what you are thinking....it has only been one day! I started our meal plan yesterday so we could eat leftovers today. Praise the Lord I did this because I have not felt very well this afternoon/evening. Plus Hailey and Eden are under the weather. 

Here is our meal plan: 

Sunday: Slow Cooker Pot Roast, Carrots and Mashed Potatoes

{For the roast: dice 1/2 yellow onion, add baby carrots, cut celery into thirds and then added  Tastefully Simple's Garlic Garlic. I rubbed the roast generously with kosher salt, as well as pepper and olive oil. DELICIOUS!} 

Monday: Leftovers 

(I ate mashed potatoes and then made a baked potato. Plus I ate 3 oz. yogurt with fruit loops. haha)

Tuesday: Pioneer Woman's Corn & Cheese Chowder and Salad (I may make bread...maybe.)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: Neighborhood Meeting/Dinner - Mexican Night (I am in charge of getting all of the food together for each meeting. I have an amazing neighborhood!)

Friday: Mom's Homemade Spaghetti Sauce (adding mild italian sausage) with garlic bread sticks 

Saturday: Leftovers with side salad

What are your meal plans? Leave me a link to your menu in the comments! I would love to see and get some ideas for next week!  



  1. I never made a planning for a whole week. I'm still having a hard time planning meals for one or two days :) I remember when I was living with my parents and my mom would ask me what do I want her to cook and I always hated it cause I never knew what I wanted to eat in advance. Now I am in the same situation, only with my husband. He doesn't like many of the foods I like, so often I have to cook different meals. Yesterday I made a bean dish - I love it - could eat it every day (red and kidney beans, sauteed onions, carrots and red peppers. Add pasta sauce, some garlic a bay leaf and let it simmer for a while) with polenta, I also fried some shitaki mushrooms (was my first time and I found the stems to be a bit chewy), sauteed some chicken in coconut oil (I cook almost everything in coconut oil) and also cooked some ravioli I got from Publix (the Monterey ones - were BOGO - 3.99, used 2 75c off coupons, but had overage from other items, so they were free. yay). Today we just had pizza, since we thought all restaurants are gonna be packed. And now im thinking about tomorrow..... I got some beef ribs that I was thinking about throwing into the slow cooker.

    On the weekend we made new york steaks, sauteed asparagus and squash and brown rice couscous.

    I need to get a roast too and slow cook it. That sounds very good.

    1. Your meals sound great! When I was growing up...I cooked a lot of the dinners. My mom would leave everything out on the counter with directions for me - so it was pretty simple. But we never had a weekly meal plan.

      For us, it has saved us from going out to eat a lot. I am home during the day so if I want to change what we are eating I can do that.

      I will be going to Publix this week to stock up on the Italian Days Sale. So excited!


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