Shopping Trip This Week

This week has been CRAZY! I have been to the store on Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (today). I ran out of everything! 

Monday - I went to Walmart to get things for Nathan's lunches. He was getting a little tired of eating PB&J Sandwiches. And all we were eating for dinner was spaghetti and pizza. lol I have been in the mood for those things. ($17)

Friday - Nathan and I went out for dinner and then wanted coffee. After driving around for a little while we decided that we could just make some at home except I needed some creamer. We headed to Walmart to get some plus a few more items - light bulbs, iced coffee, brown sugar, and I can't really think of what else. 

Saturday: Stopped in at Aldi to pick up some canola oil, olive oil, pasta, and parm cheese. I didn't think we needed anything else. ($12)

Last night, Nathan took Hailey to PM Pediatrics because she was sick. I looked around in the cupboards to see what I could make for dinner and found nothing. I had a lot of vegetables and frozen beef but nothing that I could make a quick meal with. We ate Krystal instead - Nathan didn't come home until almost 10 pm. (For breakfast, we went out to Wally's. I was out of bread and had no syrup. And we had no Hailey until the afternoon. :D) 

That brings me to today! I was looking to see what I could make for lunch and realized that we were out of a lot of our everyday foods. I ended up making eggs and bacon...still no toast. haha

Sunday - I went to 3 different stores: Sam's Club, Aldi and Walmart. The picture is from all three stores. Here is a breakdown of what I purchased: 

Sam's Club

- Chicken Breasts $10.62 
- (2) 18 pks. eggs $3.58 (this was cheaper than getting them from Aldi or Walmart!)
- Bananas $1.47

Total Spent: $15.67 plus tax


- 2 heads of lettuce $1.98
- multi-colored peppers (3 pk) $1.99
- artisan lettuce $0.99
- 2 pints blueberries $2.98
- 2 boxes frozen waffles $2.58
- 1 cornish hen $2.69 (nathan's request)
- 2 cans crushed tomatoes $1.98
- italian sausage $2.79
- 2 cans sliced peaches $1.78
- 2 cranberry pomegranate juices $3.58 (best juice ever!)
- 1 can diced tomatoes w/ jalapenos $0.59
- 1 box fruit rounds cereal $1.69
- 1 box kids krunch cereal $1.89
- 2 boxes mixed berry fruit bars $3.78
- 1 bag tortilla chips $1.19
- lite pancake syrup $1.59
- half & half $1.79
- gallong freezer bags $1.99
- 10 lb. russett potatoes $3.49
- 6 yogurts $2.34 

Total Spent: $43.68 plus tax


- 2 fruit squeezies $1.96 (special treat for hailey)
- 1 bear's creek minestrone soup $2.00 (after $1.00 coupon)
- 1.03 pound smoked turkey breast $6.10
- wheat bread $0.98
- gallon fat free milk $3.83

Total Spent: $14.87 plus tax 

I was going to buy milk at Sam's Club but the expiration date was way too early so I thought I would go to Aldi it was worse than Sam's. So I ended up at Walmart. 

So total for the month spent: $150 - It is gonna be crazy but I have lots of meals up my sleeve! I will share what we will be eating tomorrow! 

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