Another Vitacost Order!

Today I searched on vitacost.com to see what all they had to offer. I am very excited about all the products I saw! I will say that I did have to look up some things because I didn't even know what they were! lol 

Nathan and I talked today and we decided that we would try to cut out some gluten in our everyday eating. Neither of us has a gluten allergy or anything but I wanted to become healthier. Especially since I will be having little Harper in May and I will have a bit of weight to lose. 

I was told that I could sign Nathan up for an account and he got the $10 coupon for new customers. I searched a good while to see what I wanted to order/try out. I can't wait to get the package! 

Here is what we purchased: 

Items(s) Ordered:
Arrowhead Mills Organic Brown Rice Flour -- 32 oz1$3.17$3.17
Item No: ARR 3471349     

Arrowhead Mills Organic Buckwheat Flour -- 32 oz1$4.16$4.16
Item No: ARR 3471363     

Bob's Red Mill Wheat Bran -- 10 oz1$1.47$1.47
Item No: BOB 8003218     

Arrowhead Mills Puffed Rice Cereal -- 6 oz1$0.99$0.99
Item No: ARR 3474296     

Total Due After $10 coupon: $0.00

I just paid the shipping which was $4.99! So awesome!

I researched different recipes to use with the brown rice flour and buckwheat flour - thank you Pinterest - before I ordered anything! I found great recipes. I also checked out the reviews and everything was great!

I even found a great way to use the rice cereal to give it some extra flavor. Toast them in the oven, then toss with melted butter and cinnamon, then toast them a little longer. (I will find the correct temp. and timing.)

Do you have any recipes I could use? I would love to hear your ideas! Thanks so much! 


  1. I'm glad it worked. I really love the website. Very good prices and a wide range of products.
    We buy gluten-free items too whenever I find a good deal. Do you ever shop at Earth Fare? I believe there is no Whole Foods store in the area, right? I found out a few months ago that they take 2 coupons per item so I started checking their store more often. That's how i got free arrowhead mills flour, 25c celestial tea, very cheap cereals and many other organic items. I know Earth Fare has good deals too and takes coupons.

    And speaking of vitacost, do you use crowdtap? It gives you points for logging in every day, answering questions ... pretty easy. And one of the rewards is a $10 off $30 vitacost reward code. I'm actually thinking about getting one of these. If you're not there yet and you're interested, here's my link :)

  2. I have shopped at Earth Fare a few times for the free chicken or whatever they offer for the week. I haven't been in awhile since it is about 20 minutes from our house. We do have Whole Foods though - it is called Greenlife. I have done a good amount of couponing there - just ran out of my supply of coconut milk a couple months ago.

    They take 2 coupons per item as well. One cashier didn't even know it though and he called the manager over and she said there is no such thing as too many coupons! lol I love her. I have gotten some pretty good deals there but again haven't been there in awhile.

    I watch the sales to see if there is anything I need but lately I have been sticking with Aldi and CVS. I am starting to venture back out again. :D Thanks for the advice. :D

    I will look into crowdtap. Thanks for your link.


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