Menu Plan - March 4 thru March 10

March Meal Plan

There it is! Our meal plan for the month of March - can you believe it?!

I have incorporated a few none freezer meals in this menu plan plus have back up options - one is on the bottom and in the top left hand corner of the calendar. 

For this week we will be having the following: 


- smoothies, cereal, eggs and toast, fruit


- pb&j sandwiches, pretzels and cookies (Nathan)
- cheese, veggies, fruit, beans, pasta (Hailey)
- whatever I feel like making (myself) vegetable beef soup with grilled cheese


Sunday - Oh So Easy Pork Chops served with twice baked potatoes and side salad

Monday - Chicken with Honey Sauce served with rice and green beans

Tuesday - Marinaded Steak with baked potatoes 

Wednesday - Sesame Chicken served with rice 

Thursday - Beef Stew served over egg noodles

Friday - Leftovers

Saturday - Marinaded Chops with side salad  

I will also be looking for a lemon dessert recipe. I have some fresh lemons to use - I have already made lemon/lime flavored water. 

What are you having for dinner? 

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