Vitacost - $10 when you sign up!

Last night, I remembered that I had received a $10 coupon to use at Vitacost.com! I went to the site to see how much stuff I could get with that $10. 

Sign up for your free $10 coupon!  {This is my referral link.} 

Here is what I purchased: 

Shipping Details: Items 1 of 3
Arrowhead Mills Puffed Millet Cereal -- 6 oz
Item No. 074333474319
Quantity 3
Shipping Details: Items 2 of 3
Arrowhead Mills Organic Puffed Kamut Cereal -- 6 oz
Item No. 074333474340
Quantity 3
Shipping Details: Items 3 of 3
Arrowhead Mills Puffed Rice Cereal -- 6 oz
Item No. 074333474296
Quantity 2


Total Due: $0.44 plus $4.99 shipping! 

So I spent, $5.43 for 8 bags of cereal. That is just $0.68 per bag! Stock up price for me. Vitacost.com already has everything at a discount so using a $10 off coupon just made it even better. 

I have $50 saved from our grocery budget for stock up items so this money came from there. 

So make sure you sign up for your account at Vitacost.com and get your $10 coupon! 

Oh and I will say that I have never tried these cereals before but they had all great reviews and they are healthy for you! Have you tried these? What are your experiences with them? 


  1. I signed up under your link, so you should be receiving another $10 :) I don't like puffed rice cereal - it's really bland to me, but I agree other people really like it so I hope you do too! :)

    1. Thanks so much! Let me know what you order! I would love to get more ideas. I got the rice cereal for Hailey. Hope she likes it. :D

  2. I believe they allow 2 accounts per household. I signed up my husband using my referral link and it worked. I ordered natural deodorant from them, a body shower that is almost 100% natural and I love it!! I also got some flax seeds that I don't really like :) and some natural bubble bath stuff. I haven't tried arrowhead cereals yet. I have only tried 2 of their products so far - the white flour (and i haven't been too successful with baking good bread, so i'm not sure if its the flour or not) and organic yellow corn meal - i use this all the time for cornbread and it's great!
    I do have one product I wanna recommend you - Bob's red Mill gluten free pancake mix. It's usually around $4 and makes delicious pancakes. Seriously, i think it's the best pancakes i ever had and they are healthier too.

    1. Awesome, I will have to sign him up. I will let you know how the cereals are. They had great reviews so I thought I would give them a try. :D I was looking at getting the corn meal and I may get a bag of the pancake mix. It has great reviews too. Thanks for sharing all the info. It helps a lot!


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