Update On March Freezer Cooking!

Here is a look into my freezer - I have all our meals for dinner plus a few odds and ends. I am very lucky to have a deep freezer to store pretty much everything else we have. 

{Sorry it is a little dark - I do not have very good lighting near the freezer.}

I must say, I feel so accomplished! I never knew how easy it is to get all these meals done! 

Over the past few days, I have completed 18 meals and 8 bags of twice baked potatoes. The amazing thing is it didn't take me a long time. They were so easy! 

Tonight we ate the first one (Savory Vegetable Beef Soup) and it was delicious. Nathan really liked it even though there were tomatoes in it. Next time, I will put them in the food processor so he doesn't have to pick them out. 

I have 3 chicken pot pies and 3 bags of shredded pork to put together. 

For the chicken pot pies, I still need the round foil pans and to make the pie crusts. And for the shredded pork, I may not have much to do. My amazing mother in law found a boston butt for us to split and I gave her the instructions on how to cook it. Sometime next week, I will try to head over there to help out in anyway I can. 

How are your meals coming along? Are you freezing any? 

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  1. Wow, you did a great job! I have been planning to cook and freeze stuff for a long time. I even tried, but it didn't work too good. I found that frozen meals didn't taste that great anymore. They just didn't taste fresh and I didn't enjoy it. The only thing that I froze and still tasted very good was chili. I made some beef stew last week and Im gonna have to freeze the rest since nobody wants to eat it anymore :) I just hope it's gonna be good later. So I guess not much freezing for me.


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