Target Shopping Trip!

Lately, we have been having some problems with the Huggies Little Movers - well some isn't the best word. lol We have had more than 8 diaper leaks (big ones) - it has been very frustrating. 

So, we headed to Target to get their brand. They have been my new favorite diapers - no leaks! I used a $1.50 off store coupon. I also picked up dryer sheets - needed free and clear. 

Then I remembered I had (2) $8 off Kre-O Transformers sets from coupons.com! 

I purchased: 

(2) Kre-O Transformers sets $7.99 

used the coupons

Total Due: FREE! 100% Savings

Did you get any of these? 


  1. My Target would not allow us to use this coupon on smaller sets, especially with the price less than the coupon itself...One of the reasons why I really go to Target right now.

  2. That stinks. The coupons scanned properly - no problems or beeps. I haven't been to Target for awhile to use coupons - the last time I was there the cashier accused me of copying a coupon. I explained to her that you can print two Target store coupons per computer.

    It was crazy.


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