Another attempt to find Allegra! Success!

I love my husband! He told me that we had 2 more Walgreens and 1 CVS within 10 minutes of our house! I was so excited! 

I headed out while Hailey was taking a nap and Nathan was watching the Masters on tv to see if I could find some Allegra (allergies are going crazy this week) and I remembered that I needed dish soap. 

This was purchased at the 2 Walgreens and 1 CVS, Nathan told me about. (4 different transactions) 

- 5 Mentos Gum - FREE plus $0.30 overage! 
- 4 Allegra 5 cts. - FREE plus $0.01 overage
- 6 Dawn Dish soaps - $2.61 

Total Spent: $2.61 plus tax 

Total Saved: $45.74 or 95%!!! 

I also found a Discount Bread Store closer to our house! I am super excited about this! 

- I know that I have been doing a lot of deal shopping lately but I am trying to get back into couponing more - my stockpile was getting a pretty low. So much fun! 

How did you do this weekend?! 


  1. Nice!I couldn't find Allegra anywhere :(

  2. Me either, Lena! And it's not like it was out of stock. There was no price tag either. I guess they took it off, so we couldn't get a rain check or smth.

    Happy Easter everybody!

  3. Have you looked at Walgreens? Regular price is $6.99 - I noticed I needed a filler item to use the coupon at one store. For some reason, it wouldn't go through without something else. Hope you can find some today.


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