CVS and Walmart Price Matching - 4/2

CVS and Walmart

This evening, my friend Nina and I went out to CVS and Walmart. I was trying to get her some of the Free Allegra but couldn't find any. We did not leave empty handed though! Here is a breakdown: 


- 3 boxes Special K $7.50 

Used $1 off 3 Special K Cereal 
Used $7 ECBs from previous purchase

Total Due: $0.08!!! (this includes the tax. :D)

Total Saved: 100% 

Plus, it printed $4 ecbs for purchasing the special K and I got $5.50 in ecbs printed at the red machine! 

I walked in with $7 ecbs and left with $9.50 ecbs! So excited! 


- 5 Colgate Toothpaste (price matched at Rite Aid $0.95 each)

Used (5) $0.75 off 1 colgate toothpaste 

Total Due: $1.44 ($0.44 was tax!) 

Total Saved: $8.40 or 89% 

{This was broken up into 2 transactions since I couldn't use more than 4 like coupons - stated on the coupon.}

Nina also price matched the 30 ct. Allegra - Rite Aid had it for $14.99 (after ups) and she used the $7 off coupon. She purchased two. (She has to take this everyday so it was a nice savings for her!) 

It was a great shopping trip for both of us. I have done a lot of deal shopping this weekend and I am very happy with the deals I got. 

How have you done?! 


  1. Great Job! Walmart lets you price match the after "ups" price??? I did not know that!!

    1. Thanks! I will be going back to CVS for more Special K - so yummy.

      For the price matching, yes our walmart does. They even have a sign at each register that says so. You should ask your store manager. It comes in handy. :D


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