Great Find on Bread!

I love our discount bread store! Hailey and I went there yesterday to pick up a few loaves of bread for the month - it is close to Grandmommy's house so since we were visiting there today it was a given that we would stop there before heading home. 

I am so glad we did too! Here is what I purchased:

- 2 Sunbeam bread BOGO - .99 for both!!!
- 1 Whole Wheat Target bread - .50 
- 1 White Target bread - .50 

Total Spent: $1.98 plus tax! 

When I saw the bright pink signs for the bread I was super excited! There was tons of Sunbeam bread but I have never tried it before so I didn't know if we would like it and I must say we do! Yummy! The two target breads were the last two on the shelf. 

I was also able to pick up 3 - 12 pack hamburger buns and 4 - 8 pack hot dog buns for my brother in law's birthday party tomorrow! That cost about $8.00 - great deal! 

Have you found any great deals lately?! 


  1. The problem is that most breads are loaded with sugar and HFCS, which is horrible for your health. I bake bread every now and then, because even with the bread machine is too time consuming or I buy it from Publix bakery, but we try to eat as little bread as possible.

    1. Yes most breads are. My husband eats sandwiches every day for work so we go through a bit of bread each week. I try to get whole wheat bread but since I have been pregnant I like to eat white. lol

      I was making bread a lot but haven't found a great sandwich bread recipe yet. Any suggestions?

  2. Nice finds! I love to bake my own bread but kids don't like it with sandwiches, no matter what recipes I try :(

  3. Yay! That is exciting! My pastor's wife just introduced me to the discount bread store here in Springfield, Mo!! And was thrilled to find Nature's Pride whole grain Bread with no preservatives or HFCS for $0.99!! Then there is another bread store that has Natures Own bread for $1.29 so I have been stocking up for the whole month!

    1. Oh, I know what you mean. I love white bread :) And I grew up eating a lot of white bread and back then nobody thought anything was wrong with that :)
      When I moved to the US my biggest complaint was the bread. No matter what bread I bought, it always tasted too sweet for me... like cake. So I was getting a little desperate until I discovered Panera's bread (which is ridiculously expensive :) ), then Publix bread (a little cheaper, but still....) and then different stores who bake bread the eastern-european way :) white bread with crunchy crust, fresh from the oven..... mmmmm, just put butter on it and you can eat a whole loaf :))
      I always thought I could eat as much bread as I wanted too, since I am pretty skinny, until I realized it all deposits on the waist line :)))
      I know there is the white toast bread, that is great for sandwiches, I just don't have the recipe. I will le you know when I find one.

    2. Oh please do send it to me if you find a recipe. I have tried other recipes but nothing has compared to some of the breads I purchase in the store. :D


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