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Over at MoneySavingMom.com, Crystal has started a new series called "4 Weeks to a More Organized Home {Simplified}." She is on day 5 so I am a little behind but it is never too late to start.
I am very excited to be joining this challenge. My nana went home on Tuesday so my house was super clean - she has discipled herself to cleaning up the house every day...a little bit at a time. I am happy to say that my house has stayed clean since she has been gone. It has only be a few days but that is good for me.

Here is my living room. This morning, I picked up toys and blankets from Hailey playing. I will vacuum the floors later tonight right before bed time.

While my nana was here, we shampooed the carpets in every room. She first went around the house and wiped down the walls and swept behind everything. It is so nice now! While she was doing that, I went to run errands and picked up the shampooer. It cost about $35 to rent for the day at Ace Hardware.


Now here is the main bathroom. I picked things off the counter and floor - looks great! Monday I cleaned the shower, sink and floor with a dawn vinegar mixture. That mixture is amazing!

{All you need is equal parts white vinegar and blue dawn dish soap. Mix in a spray bottle. Let sit for 10 minutes or longer depending on how dirty the shower is. I use a scrub brush to make sure I get all the soap scum off. Easy and super clean!}

After lunch, the girls and I will be heading to Publix and Earth Fare to get the awesome deals they are having! I have been printing coupons out for the past two days - 3 computers were used. Be on the lookout for a blog post about the deals I get!

How about you? Will you join this challenge? Leave me a link in the comment box for me to check out your site!


  1. You are off to a super start for joining in a little late. I was surprised I managed to join in on time myself. I will have to try your Dawn/vinegar mixture on our shower. I've been using Hydrogen perioxide on our tile floor in the bathroom (boys) and am really happy with those results.

    1. Thanks Jean! Glad you joined as well. And yes, you need to try the dawn/vinegar mixture! It is amazing. My Nana couldn't believe how great it worked. I have asthma and really bad allergies so I have a hard time using anything with bleach - so I was super happy to find this one!

  2. I just stopped in from MSM and wanted to say I love your living room rug and wall color. What great style you have!

    1. Why thank you! I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It is from rooms 2 go. Thanks for stopping by!,


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