AMAZING Publix Shopping Trip!

I love being able to go grocery shopping without the kids. I use it as my free time and all while I am saving money! Last night after dinner, Nathan gave the girls baths and got them ready for bed. I headed out to Publix to get all the great deals they have!

My printer has gotten a workout plus my mother in law let me print more off at her house! I was so thankful and happy!

I was able to get the following: 

- 1 Truvia Natural Sweetner 40ct.
- 4 Nestle Morsels
- 4 Creamers (1 baileys, 2 coffee mate and 1 international delight)
- 1 Silk Soymilk
- 4 Duncan Hines Cake Mixes
- 2 Pillsbury Pie Crusts
- 6 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes
- 4 Progresso Recipe Starters
- 3 Diet Dr. Pepper 2 L
- 3 Dr. Pepper Ten 2 L
- 9 Beech Nut Baby Food
- 8 Betty Crocker Potatoes
- 4 Stoffer's Stuffing Mixes
- 2 Wrigley's Gum
- 8 GM Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Total Spent: $38.12 plus tax

Total Saved: $111.33 or 75%

I do not think I have had a large haul like that! I was super excited! Have you gotten any good deals?!


  1. Oh, I love shopping without kids but it doesn't happen very often :( You got some nice deals there!

    1. Yeah, definitely doesn't happen very often but when it does it is amazing! And thank you. I know the potatoes and stuffing are not super healthy but I grew up eating them and they are yummy. Lol


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