Earth Fare Shopping Trip

Do you have an Earth Fare near you? Have you signed up for their weekly emails? If not,  you must do so now! They offer great deals each week!

{Edit: you do not have to print the coupon out - if you have a smartphone you can show them your email with the plu number! Saving more money - ink and paper!}

This week, they had a $5 Food Revolution Italian Night coupon. I purchased everything above for $5 plus tax!

- 1 lb mild Italian sausage (ground)
- 1 Whole Wheat Rigatoni pasta
- 1 avocado (was suppose to be a tub of organic greens but they sold out) Hailey was excited for this!
- 1 pint organic grape tomatoes
- 1 Annie's organic salad dressing (the original option was Earth Fare's dressing but there was only buttermilk ranch and we have switched to using oil and vinegar or oil and salt/pepper. They offered this instead! Love it!)

Also this week, they offered 1/2 off fresh tilapia! I did not purchase any but will next time they offer it! I am loving the $5 Food Revolution coupons though - one week it was peanut butter, jelly, bread and 2 other things - another week it was brown eggs, almond milk, cereal, energy bar and orange juice. ( I did that deal 3 times!)

Let me know if you have this store in your area or something like it?

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