30 Day House Cleaning Challenge - Day 18 addition

I was reading a few other blogs that linked up to the challenge and I noticed that they cleaned their fridge too.

I did not.

But now it is done!

I had cleaned it the day before this whole challenge started. A major cleaning. I have been trying to keep it clean since then.

Every Friday, I clean out any food that may have been expired. Empty out the bowls that collect water. I have to keep 2 bowls in the back of the fridge on the top shelves because it leaks water - which then freezes after awhile.

We need a new fridge. We have had it looked at and cleaned but it did not help.

Oh well. It keeps our food cold. What more could you ask for?

Not much needed to be done. I moved the leftovers from yesterday to the top shelf so I could see it. Moved all the drinks on one shelf and straightened up the condiments. 

This took me less than ten minutes! Amazing. 

{before I wrote any posts this morning, i cleaned up the play room. it was a huge mess! now it is organized. hailey was so thankful.} 

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