30 Day House Cleaning Challenge - Day 9 and 10

I am tired. The kiddos have taken a lot of my energy this week. I have not completed yesterday and today's cleaning assignments and I probably will not until tomorrow.

I am okay with this. I was able to empty the kitchen sink of dishes from yesterday and wash a load of laundry...oh and I did vacuum all the rooms.

Here is my list for tomorrow:

- deep clean the living room
- dust all surfaces in the bedrooms
- clean the kitchen floor (sweep and mop)
- put laundry away (2 loads of the girls' clothes sitting in a basket in the living room)

That should be easy to do since I will not be babysitting tomorrow. I will try to get this all done so the girls and I have enough time to go to the park and to visit grandmommy (the girls' great grandmother...she is awesome. and she is only 91 yrs old. :D)

Here are some pictures from today.

Hailey and I read 2 devotions this morning.
Crazy face at lunch time. 
Harper and Eden wanted their picture taken too. 
Morning play time. 
Eden and Harper playing together while Hailey is napping.

Honestly, most of my energy has been taken by Hailey. She is going through a stage of major disobedience. Praying the Lord will give me patience and strength.

How do you handle constant disobedience? Do you feel like you are saying the same thing over and over? Help me! lol


  1. Your girls are such cuties! I understand that feeling of having to say things over and over...my son is 3.


    1. Thanks, Melinda. It is nice to know I am not alone. :D


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