Meals This Week ~ April 8-14

Good morning! I wasn't able to sit down and plan out our meals until last night. I went grocery shopping before I planned out the meals but I am okay with that. :D I love to be creative with what I can make with what i have.

At Aldi, I picked up milk, cheeses, fruit, frozen and canned veggies and special treats for Nathan and the girls plus some odds and ends. I was even able to pick up a couple of items for the garden. (post coming soon on that) I spent around $58 plus tax.

Meals This Week: 

Cold Cereal
Fresh Fruit (grapes, bananas or oranges)
Smoothies (frozen fruit in the freezer)
Fried Eggs and Toast

Turkey and Cheese Sandwiches
PB&J or honey Sandwiches
Dinosaur Chicken Nuggets
Chips, pretzels or crackers
Sliced Cheese

Crockpot SantaFe Chicken with Rice
Homemade Pizza In Less Than 30 Minutes
Chuck Roast with Sweet Potatoes and Broccoli (Lazy Sunday Meal)
Dinner Out (we went to Chick Fil A last night because I received a coupon in the mail)
Dinner At Church (Wednesday night our church is serving dinner for Leadership Training)

Last week, was the first week in a long time that I actually followed our weekly menu. I have it written down on a weekly calendar that I hang up on the fridge (right by the handle) so I can look at it more than once during the day.

Having our meals listed out does make my life easier...it just has taken a little bit of practice. :D

What will you be having this week? Trying anything new?!

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